Lumen Sivitz

Innovator with broad experience in recruiting

About Lumen

Professional Background

My experience focuses on strategy, leadership, and innovation in Talent Acquisition.

After starting my career as a top performing agency recruiter, I founded a talent marketplace, led recruiting for one of the hottest startups in San Francisco, and managed a 30 person global Talent Acquisition team.

Today, I run a boutique talent consulting firm called Lightwork. We offer coaching, placement, and interim Head of Talent services to startups in the Bay Area and beyond.

I also provide donation-based career counseling, covering positioning, resume development, interview prep, comms, and negotiation.

I’ve helped hundreds of people accelerate their professional growth and would be happy to help you, too. Write me with a brief description of your situation.

Personal Background

These days, I’m pretty focused on developing (ha!) a programming skill-set. I’m building Highlight in React/Python/Flask/Postgres.

I am a multi-instrumentalist (guitar, banjo, harmonica, bass, keyboard, and drums) and love to produce music. You can find write-ups for some of the songs I’ve recorded on the Music page, and there are more songs on my Soundcloud.

I also make podcasts. I’m still testing ideas, but you can hear what I’ve made so far on the Podcasts page.

Finally, I’m always cooking up new ideas for things to build on the internet. The Ventures page has a list of my projects.

I’d love to hear from you! Email me – lumen@thisdomain.